PUENTE de OJUELA, Mapimí, DURANGO in 4K! | MEXICO'S GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE? | Mexico Travel 2021

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PUENTE de OJUELA, MAPIMÍ, DURANGO - Welcome to another The Tao of David Mexico video! Are you ready for Mexico's ultimate adventure? In this Mexico travel 2021 video we leave Torreón from the previous video and head to Puente de Ojuela near the Pueblo Mágico or Mapimí, high in the mountains and the location of a ghost town (Pueblo Fantasma) and mine dating back the 1500s. It can be reached from Gomez Palacio, Durango or Torreón, Coahuila, however there are no buses. How I got there -

- Taxi from Soriana (supermercado) in Gomez Palacio (80mxn if full, 320 if solo) approx 40 mins
- Truck from entrance (350mxn one way)
- Hitched a ride back
- Arranged for driver to pick me up at a specified time to return to Gomez Palacio

The bridge at the old mining town of Ojuela is one of the many ghost towns in Mexico is one of the gems of Travel Durango. It was built to allow access to the mine where various minerals were extracted. It was designed by the Roebling brothers, who also designed the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. It's also said that this wooden suspension bridge provided inspiration for The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco! Is this Mexico's Golden Gate Bridge?

If you're thinking about moving to Mexico or becoming one of the increasing number of expats in Mexico, your choices aren't limited to popular areas like Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende, Cancun or Puerto Vallarta. Durango/Coahuila are states that, granted, you'll need to be able to speak Spanish in, but the city and state has so much to offer, just as much as those other places!

MUSIC - (Epidemic Sound)
"The Darker the Sky" - April Moon (Intro and Outro)
"Silver & Gold" - April Moon (Fantasma & After Mine)
"Scintilla" - David Celeste (Puente de Ojuela)

00:00 - Intro
01:12 - We Made It/Travel Info
02:50 - Pueblo Fantasma
05:04 - Finding the Church
07:03 - Crossing the Bridge
09:31 - Mine Tour
11:54 - Mirador
14:22 - Mexico's Greatest Challenge
15:36 - Next Time/Patreon Thanks

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